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2023 Holiday Candy Menu

4 Chocolate is the name of our family chocolate making group. It’s comprised of the primary 4 makers: my mom (Theresa), my older sister (Amy), me, and my younger sister (Amanda). We have been making holiday candy together for as many years as we’ve been around to enjoy eating it! […]

2022 Holiday Candy Menu

You know those epic stories of how a family bands together and overcomes incredible obstacles? My family did that this year to continue our holiday tradition of making candy together. Each piece made was part of a greater Christmas Miracle that will become a family holiday legend. 2022 just asked […]

Diagnosis: Breast Cancer

I cut my hair to emotionally prepare for losing my hair during chemotherapy. It’s not for everyone, but it did help me transition from long locks, to hair coming out, to shaved head with really no hair.

Big Slick Chocolate Menu

This post highlights the bonbons made specifically for, and donated to support the Big Slick fundraiser benefiting Children’s Mercy Hospitals.

Blueberry Scones GF + Vegan

with Maple Vanilla Coconut Yogurt I have a “thing,” about making sure that people with food sensitivities are included in celebrations. Whether it’s a birthday party where allergies need to be considered, a meal for a friend in need, or serving up treats to the school staff for appreciation events, […]

Autumn Harvest Toffee

My Autumn Harvest Toffee has been making the rounds in my fall baking for a few years. It’s one of the most requested pieces of candy by my spouse and a few of my closest friends. One friend says this toffee is “everything.” Plenty of warm spices and crunchy seeds […]