My Story

It’s never too late to take a new path.

I am a woman who has chosen to be a wife, mother, educator, reader, foodie, and amateur chocolatier. Luck and passion have driven my experiences. Enthusiasm and curiosity have allowed me to grow. I’m known for recognizing and creating food worth eating, picking quality literature for kids and adults, as well as having some life hacks and tricks up my sleeve to make the days go a little smoother.

I was raised in a family of amazing home cooks, bakers, and artistic crafters. As a child, I was encouraged to seek education and a profession I could be passionate about while fostering my hobbies and interests at home. After receiving a master’s degree in literacy and language, I taught elementary school for 7 years. Working with kids and guiding them to be the best people they could be was the perfect job for me.

I took a break from teaching to stay at home with my two children. My role as a SAHM and nearly full-time volunteer for several years has been a cherished time in my life. I learned so much! Motherhood prompted me to try living the healthiest life a sugar addict can as well as to think of how I can model responsible living for my family. We strive to eat wholesome food and to make environmentally responsible choices wherever we can. It’s a cliche, but we are “a work in progress.”

My story took an unexpected turn nearly four years ago when I was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (MS). MS has threatened to control my life. This disease has launched continued attacks on my spine and brain and is public enemy #1 in my house. Though I am fortunate in having the relapsing remitting form of MS, it has been aggressive and debilitating for me. MS has prevented a return to the classroom for me, and it looks as though I need a new plan for myself. I am determined (aka stubbornly, bullheadedly, tenaciously fighting) to be the captain of my ship.

So here I am, steering this ship into the deep waters of social media and blogging. True to my nature as an educator, I believe I have a lot to offer others, and they to me in return. My experiences, life hacks, and recipes might bring joy, knowledge, or a good chuckle to those who read them.

Despite adeptly avoiding social media my entire adult life, I am ready to learn some new tricks. Please be patient and offer as much constructive feedback as you can while I learn to navigate the variety of platforms and sites as well as work to create engaging content and videos for us to enjoy together. You can follow my exploits on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube.

Many thanks to you for giving me your time. I know it’s precious!

Most Sincerely,