2022 Holiday Candy Menu

You know those epic stories of how a family bands together and overcomes incredible obstacles? My family did that this year to continue our holiday tradition of making candy together. Each piece made was part of a greater Christmas Miracle that will become a family holiday legend. 2022 just asked 2020 to hold it’s beer.

Let’s review the adult candy makers responsible for “4 Chocolate.”

Mom (aka: Grandma); the organized leader who inspired us all. She was recovering from knee replacement surgery.

Amy; the one who really can’t say “no,” and just switched jobs, continues to be a city council member, and mega volunteer. She had all sorts of projects and grants coming due the week of and the week after Thanksgiving.

Me; MS warrior and current breast cancer fighter. I was still recovering from breast surgery, infections, and smack in the middle of a more challenging chemotherapy regimen.

Amanda; the youngest with the youngest children. Amanda’s newest addition arrived just a handful of weeks before Thanksgiving.

Candy making wasn’t easy this year, but it was fun. Husbands and dads pitched in and the younger generation really stepped up. Although there is less than usual, there’s more than we ever thought we’d be able to manage this year.

Please enjoy these chocolates and know that if you received some- you are special indeed.

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