2021 Holiday Candy Menu

Another year, another batch of adventures in candy making!

In 2021 we invaded my sister’s kitchen in Oklahoma and got back to making lots of delicious and beautiful treats to share with our friends and loved ones during the holidays. Candy making with my family is special every year. While it isn’t 24/7 rainbows and sunshine in the kitchen during this chocolate extravaganza, there are so many bright moments on which to focus and build memories. Those treasured moments are what keeps us motivated to keep the tradition alive.

If you’d like to hear all about the family chocolate tradition and connect with a recipe for our famous toffee, please check out this podcast by Becky Hadeed (The Storied Recipe). Becky hosts an engaging podcast all about food, connections, and heritage. She shares recipes from her guests as well as some of the most beautiful food photography I have ever seen. This year, my family was invited to have a conversation with Becky, to be featured in a podcast episode on The Storied Recipe Channel, about the history of our chocolate making tradition, the ins and outs of toffee making, and what makes our candies unique. It was an honor and a gift to do the podcast together. If you’re interested, you can also connect with The Storied Recipe content via Instagram @thestoriedrecipe.podcast or subscribe to her podcast via her site, apple, or spotify.

FYI! We changed the color scheme again this year, so you’ll probably need this handy menu to find your favorites! Also! Check out our bottoms. Ooooooooh yeah. Hey, the chocolate bottoms…..don’t make it weird. You’ll notice that this year we have started putting our 4Chocolate logo on the bottoms of the chocolate. This was a fun addition that I hope we’ll be able to continue in the future.

Comment below with your faves! Oh! If you are sharing pics of our candy on social media, tag us #4chocolate #meltedkc