Christmas Candy 2020

When someone titles a post with 2020, you know the theme is going to be all about how things are different in 2020 than in any other year most of us have lived so far. Most years, my mom, two sisters and I get together to make Christmas candy the […]

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Taking a Break During a Pandemic: Part 2

My thoughts on where/how to stay overnight. Traveling beyond the safety of our home meant nights away from our safe, clean, beds. Choosing places to stay where we would feel safe and how we would manage more than one location also required some thought and consideration. For most of the […]

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Peanut Butter Buddy Bars

A throwback dessert bar that is essentially a chocolate chip studded peanut butter blondie with a chocolate topping. This simple family favorite can serve a crowd, or one die hard peanut butter fanatic, and is easy enough for young bakers to make with minimal adult assistance. My daughter made the […]